Do you know what Direct to Consumer (D2C) is?

It is the model in which a producer sells directly to its customers. Therefore, in 2020 it will go down in history, because it has been a year in which millions of employees have worked from home and thousands of companies have had to go digital.

Currently, it is an environment of social distance, which is why D2C is a good complement to sales, as more and more companies are betting on developing this type of model. They have reflected on these:

Juan José Martín, Director of Food at Hijos de Rivera
Francesc Pumarola, Director of Direct to Consumer at Estrella Galicia.
Pepe Chamorro, CEO of Habitant.
Luis Pérez del Val, CEO of Lola Market.
During this debate, they explained one of the main advantages of this model; they are their own means of controlling all aspects of their business (what is sold, how, consumer habits, customer experience with the brand, etc.)

On the other hand, they specified that these direct sales strategies and the data obtained are applicable to the entire value chain of the company. It is worth mentioning that, this strategy allows brands to connect with their consumers in a more direct way, therefore, the development of this model is very important because: ¨si we are not able to generate our own customer database, when they decide to make a change in the cookie policy, we will be blinded and we will not know the people who consume our productos¨ said Pepe Chamorro.

Finally, another advantage of this model is that it allows to increase the benefits for the brands, avoiding having to face high costs that some marketplaces impose to be able to sell in their platforms or shops.