This year, it is planned to spend 240 euros on Christmas gifts. This is 10.4% less than last year, according to the global study published by Kantar on eBay.

It should be noted that, e-commerce will grow as 14% of Spaniards plan to buy more gifts online than during the past Christmas, buying an average of eight gifts for six people where the smallest will continue to be the leaders of the people to whom a larger budget is allocated (160 euros), followed by couples (112 euros).

This year they will also bring their purchases forward to November taking advantage of ‘Black Friday’ spending an average of 118 euros, increasing to 38% as the habit of leaving purchases until the last minute is one of the obstacles that prevents finding gifts with discounts or offers in shops. In this case, eBay makes Christmas shopping easy from any device and simple to buy items for everyone, as the study confirms that the biggest concern for 41% of people is spending on Christmas and 26% are overwhelmed by the lack of gift ideas.

An interesting fact that the study makes clear is that Spaniards are careful when it comes to shopping, as only 14% do their Christmas shopping on impulse, while 77% consider spending carefully.

For this reason, the Director of Communication for eBay in Spain (Cristina Moya), has indicated that consumers prefer to bring forward their Christmas shopping; to reduce the budget, taking advantage of the different campaigns and to make less impulsive purchases, being more aware of these.