Branding is a strategy that plays a very important role in companies because it is essential to work on the management of your brand. This implies carrying out strategies to make your company better known, more desired and to be in the minds of consumers.

Have you ever thought why some virtual shops are better known than others? The main difference is the branding strategy.

Working with your brand management is essential, mainly in the virtual environment, since people buy in your shop because they identify with your values and history, creating a bond of loyalty.

Now that the majority of customers make their purchases online, it is more important than ever that brands are able to differentiate themselves from the competition. However, e-commerce has become a channel for conversion.

We must take into account 8 basic points to carry out a good strategy for branding in e-commerce:

  1. Develop a strong logo created by someone with experience in branding.
  2. Integrate your brand in all the media you use, using the same profile image.
  3. Create a personal branding, be consistent in tone and style across all channels.
  4. Review the messages of your off-line campaigns to see how they can be adapted to e-commerce.
  5. Review the content and creativity online; it should match the look and feel of the brand, as well as the tone of voice.
  6. Take advantage of key calendar events offered by platforms such as Amazon on Black Friday, where they bring together millions of users.
  7. Do not rely solely on commercial agreements with any of the e-commerce platforms or pricing, as this can damage your brand in the long term.
    Analyze and measure the success of e-commerce, such as number of visits, percentage of new buyers for the brand, percentage of sales, etc.